Overwhelmed? Stuck? Stressed? Living on Autopilot?


Or not sure how to live out the best version of yourself?


You’re on a journey, you’ve made course corrections–but do you still find yourself sailing against the wind?!

The oceans of life can be really hard and lack elements that help you thrive.

It’s really easy to put on the autopilot and ride out the waves because it feels “easier,” even if you aren’t thriving… 

Do you feel…

  • Weary from trying to get it all done, juggling too much at once
  • Overwhelmed by too many constant demands (Everyone needs you to show up put together)
  • Too busy to slow down and find rest for yourself (rest, what is that?!)
  • Discouraged that you can’t seem to find time for anything enjoyable (and if you did maybe you wouldn’t know what you even like?!)
  • Isolated or afraid to let down your guard (after all, everyone is counting on YOU!)
  • Stuck in patterns that aren’t working for you, but unsure of how to move forward (you know there must be something more to life!)

If you are living on autopilot—making unconscious, automatic decisions that don’t align with how you want to work and live…  

If you have found yourself in the midst of a stormy season, that can be exciting and overwhelming…

Would you like to navigate the different seasons, while living intentionally and showing up as the best version of yourself?

I can help you!

Would you like to…


Discover a renewed sense of purpose in your work and personal life.


Identify what you value most and live a life on purpose.


Intentionally creating space with the freedom to rest and be yourself – even when it’s messy.


Tired of feeling “stuck”?  Discover what’s keeping you there, and find freedom to move forward.


Intentional living requires courageous action. Self-discovery and being known aren’t easy.


Navigate challenging seasons with the assurance that you can show up as the best version of yourself.

From My Clients’ Perspectives

“When I made our first appointment, I had no clue what I needed. I’ve been through so much transition this year; a company reorg, marriage, and now pregnancy. Ellen patiently asks questions and seeks growth with me.  I’ve been reminded of who I really am even in the midst of changing circumstances. I’m taking steps to navigate these transitions and am actively living the life the Lord has given me. I’d recommend her to anyone and everyone!” 

International Coaching Leader

I was recently introduced to Ellen as someone who could help me with a feeling of being “stuck”. After being in the same profession for more than three decades, it had become stale. What Ellen did was walk me through a process to identify strengths I possess and how those strengths could be used to reinvigorate my professional development. I also have projects outside of work that I needed to talk through. Ellen helped offer clarity of next steps. If you’re looking toward approaching a new goal or just have the “stuck” feeling and want clarity, Ellen will walk you through this non-threatening process to a better vision of your self and goals.

Steve S

Investment Adviser Representative

While entering into a new role in my organization, I was given the opportunity to receive some coaching. Initially I was leery of adding another thing to my already very full schedule. But after my first coaching time with Ellen I realized it was a huge need that wasn’t being met. In the CliftonStrengths assessment I have communication and woo and often need a bit of time to externally process and organize my thoughts. With Ellen’s help I have been able to problem solve, implement, and achieve goals that normally would take me three times as long without her coaching! It’s been an invaluable tool for life and ministry.

Human Resources Specialist

“Ellen really helped me make a decision of what my next step was in work. I was in the midst of making a big decision on what position I should take on along with all the transition I was going through. She was personable, she genuinely cared for me and wanted me to do what God was calling me to do. Through our time together, she helped me identify different values and strengths that I have and how it could be incorporated in work so I would thrive. Without her I think I would still be stuck between decisions, she is very good at identifying different characteristics and I would recommend her to anyone, especially those going through transition.

Social Media Strategist

“Three of the things I’ve most appreciated about Ellen’s coaching are her questions, her reflecting back to me themes she picks up from what I share and the space to think and process on a regular basis. I’m pleasantly surprised at the personal and professional growth in a short amount of time invested with her.”

Recruiting Team Leader

“Ellen has helped me for quite a while to break through personal challenges, set great boundaries that set me up for success, and helped me process through my values to navigate the waters of life and work. Recently she helped me with the process of launching a new ministry after being in recovery with multiple addictions. I don’t know where I would be without her investment in my life and ministry. She’s so great, I refer a friend or two to her at least once a week!”

Non-Profit Director

“I honestly didn’t even know how ”stuck” I really was until I began my coaching calls with Ellen. As a homeschooling mom of four young kids, and a blogger and writer, I was overwhelmed by all the different hats I wore, and felt paralyzed. Ellen helped me sort through my core values and regain my motivation, especially during a time of big transition in my life. Thanks, Ellen!”

Marilette Sanchez

Blogger, Youth Worker, and Mom, MariletteSanchez.com

“I wanted to start off the new year strong and I had a lot of goals to accomplish, but I was a bit overwhelmed. Because of coaching, I was able to get better clarity and identify consistent patterns. Coaching opened my eyes beyond my normal view, Ellen asked great questions, made great observations, and noted how the inflection in my voice paralleled (or didn’t match) what I was actually saying! It was something I was unaware I was doing. My new year is off to a better start thanks to her!”


Digital Marketing Strategist

See if Coaching is Right for You

Let’s schedule a complimentary discovery call to see If coaching is right for you. If it is, we will schedule weekly or monthly appointments, ensuring the dates and times are convenient for us both. Three months is what I usually recommend to start for a coaching relationship, but how long we continue is totally up to you. Most clients meet three times per month for 40-45 minutes.  We can discuss what arrangement will meet your unique needs.

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