Myths on marriage:

  • We expect the same things

  • Everything good in our relationship will get better

  • Everything bad in my life will disappear when we get married

  • My spouse will make me whole

Whether you are looking for Pre-Marriage coaching or simply some help getting unstuck in an area where you desire to be moving in sync.. Marriage coaching could be right for you!

What is marriage coaching?

In general individual coaching is an empowering voluntary authentic relationship in which the client and coach focus on clarifying goals that the client wants to accomplish.
Instead of focusing on the individual, the object of marriage coaching is to facilitate identification of growth goals that BOTH partners are motivated to pursue.

Looking to see if Marriage coaching is right for you? Sign up for a FREE discovery session!
These are via video Zoom call or in person (if you are in the Orlando, FL area). Number of sessions are determined by you. This varies greatly. Some couples are able to take the skills of coaching and apply right away and only need 3 sessions to create new habits. Others may take 8 or more. Marriage coaching is all about you as a couple and what you need to get unstuck and set growth goals that motivate both of you to pursue. These sessions do not require a SYMBIS assessment, although I recommend you consider taking this assessment if you’ve been married 10 years or less. SYMBIS can bring new knowledge and help you to consider new insights in growth. Whether you have been married for less than a year, a decade, or even 4 decades- this assessment has been valuable to many!

So what are you waiting for? How can you look into the future and dream with your spouse about reaching for something together that’s meaningful and intentional?

Even Pre-Marriage Coaching?
Yes! Packages are available and include a SYMBIS assessment. You can decide on a package that is right for you and can vary from 1 session, 3 sessions or 5 sessions packages. 

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